Tax Return Services in Calgary

Step 1

Our tax accountants in Calgary, AB gather your relevant tax information

We gather your relevant tax information

Step 2

We prepare your tax return

We prepare your tax return

Step 3

We call to review and finalize

We call to review and finalize

Step 4

We file your return & you’re done

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Handling All Small Business Taxes

Income Tax, Payroll & GST

Padgett Business Services prepare thousands of business and personal income tax returns each year. Whether you are a sole proprietorship, incorporated company or partnership, Padgett’s Calgary accounting team will help you plan and submit all the tax forms that affect your small business.
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In addition to tax preparation for income tax, payroll and GST, we offer tax advice and can even represent you if you’re being audited by the Canada Revenue Agency.Download free eBook on what to do if you are behind on your taxes

  • Our thorough understanding of small business issues means your taxes will always be prepared accurately and timely.
  • When needed, we have strong and seasoned tax accountants in Calgary, AB to assist in the most complex tax issues.
  • We guarantee prompt delivery of completed tax forms, so you won’t worry about meeting tax deadlines.
  • Our offices are open year round to handle ALL your tax needs.

Do you think that seeing your tax accountant once a year is cost effective?
At Padgett Business Services®, we offer monthly support that allows us to get to know our clients through personalized consultations and thoughtful tax planning. This can minimize tax exposure, eliminate surprises, and even save you money.
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Personal Tax Returns

Filing your annual tax return doesn’t have to be painful.   Even if you are behind in your filings or feel your paperwork is a disaster, our personal tax accountants in Calgary can help make this as painless as possible at an affordable fee.



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Corporate Tax Returns

Our Calgary tax accounting team is well versed in preparing your corporate tax return and finding you all the appropriate exemptions for your situation.



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