darcy-klineDarcy Kline is the owner of S.O.S Supportive Outings & Services Inc. (S.O.S.), a specialized elderly and disabled companionship service company. She came up with the idea for the business in 2004, while working with seniors receiving government funded support for care services. “I thought that there have to be people out there without government funding as well, and there was an opportunity to reach them”, says Kline.

Using her 20 years of experience in the care field, she started her company with 4-6 clients at the time, assisting them with physio, grocery shopping, and in-home visits. Today, S.O.S. is a thriving agency that provides caregiving and companionship service tailored to the needs of people with health and mobility challenges. The company works with elderly people in their 90s who have had very functioning lives, but need help with everyday tasks. The service also covers anybody 18 and older who has disabilities.

When asked about her favorite aspects of the business, Kline responded “My favorite part of the work is to take out my clients to do events outside of their living places. We facilitate that for them, and see their joy in participating in recreational and everyday activities, and other stimuli.”

Kline stresses that her biggest attribute of success has been “Trust”. Her company has a clean record, and she chooses her staff wisely – “We are precise in who we hire, and stay in close contact with families and clients to make sure everyone is getting what they are looking for”, she says. “When a staff member is working with a client, we follow up each shift with a summary email to the office – so good communication is vital. We look for compassionate workers, not just education and experience.”

Kline’s approach to business has served her well. S.O.S. now has offices in Calgary, Edmonton, and has been expanding to Banff, Cochrane, and Canmore. As the company grew, it was clear that it required professional assistance in accounting, as well as a reliable payroll management provider. To achieve this, Kline turned to Padgett Business Services® Calgary SE & Okotoks. “We work with Gerald and his team in Padgett’s SE office because they deal specifically with small businesses, and understand our unique challenges. Padgett is tuned into our needs, and takes interest in our business. There’s good communication and dependable advice in place. We have been working with them for 6 years now”, says Kline.

“If we ask a question they answer, they don’t try to “bamboozle” us, they are timely and there are no issues. There is no need to worry about dealing with problems from the previous accounting years. Padgett is accurate and dependable”.

Darcy sums up their relationship as:

“Very trustworthy. I consider them to be friends, and have recommended them to 3-4 people already. I don’t recommend businesses unless I really feel it’s earned.”