If your Calgary-based company is trying to figure out the best Health and Dental Benefits Plan for you and your staff, Everybody Benefits is sure to deliver.

Kevin Haughton founded the company in 2009. At the time he had been in the industry for 7 years and had been working in the wholesale side for two of Canada’s largest insurance companies. Unfortunately he missed interacting with clients directly and felt there was a gap in the industry for providing a more customized, meaningful solution to help employers who wanted to increase employee satisfaction while still watching their bottom line.

Because of Kevin’s intimate knowledge of how so many of the different carriers work, he is able to identify which solution works best for his clients. Not only does this transfer into the best rates, but he can also help with insurance claims to ensure a higher success rate in getting the claim resolved in his client’s favour.

While Everybody Benefits deals with all sizes of clients from very small, to very large, Kevin thoroughly enjoys helping not-for-profits and charitable organizations because he knows those extra dollars saved are going to great causes.  In fact, it’s Kevin’s personal approach to his business has been the cornerstone of his success. This has allowed Everybody Benefits to grow to where it is today from mostly word of mouth.

Kevin got involved with Padgett Business Services shortly after he started his company. He was incorporated and liked that they were a one stop shop that could help with the tax side of his business as well as the bookkeeping.

Kevin likes that Padgett’s approach is more relationship-based than transactional. “I find they have a more vested interest in my business. They want to ensure it succeeds,” he explains. “Padgett handles my business, like they handle their own. That’s pretty special.”

In terms of what’s most beneficial to how Padgett handles his accounting, Kevin finds they are very accurate and their financial advice is great. In fact, it was the advice they gave him right from the onset the helped ensure the processes were in place so things could run smoothly. Since then they have helped with so many other decisions, like whether to own or lease a piece of equipment, for example.

When asked how Kevin would sum up his relationship with Padgett, he said,

Padgett MINDS my business by taking care of all the numbers so that I can just focus on what I do best.
Helping people get the best health and dental support they can.