About Gerald Hunt

After graduating from the University of Calgary with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science, Gerald joined KPMG (Formerly Thorne Riddell) as a Computer Accounting Customer Service representative. In this position, Gerald installed accounting systems in over 200 different small to medium sized companies over a 6 year span. In 1989, Gerald left KPMG to continue to work with small business clients in his own corporation installing computer accounting systems. While in this role, he was engaged by the DeVry Institute of Technology in Calgary to teach various courses. In time, Gerald moved up through the ranks of DeVry until he attained the position of Director of Finance for the Calgary Campus. He also acquired his Masters of Business Administration from City University of Seattle, Washington in 2001. Gerald’s career has always been focused on small business, accounting and education.

5 Signs Your Business Is Ripe and Ready to Be Sold

For many entrepreneurs, the exit plan involves selling the startup when it is good and ready. The problem you face is figuring out when that time has arrived. Here are five signs your exit plan is good to go:

1. You Know What the Company Is Worth

If your exit plan involves selling your startup, then Read More

By |September 15th, 2019|Small Business Tips|

Tips for Avoiding Foreclosure from the Beginning

Most homeowners don’t worry about foreclosing on their home until it is too late. While nobody goes into purchasing their new family home thinking they’ll foreclose, it’s a good idea to consider the possibility. The following tips should help avoid foreclosure before it’s even a possibility.

1. Never Go over Your Budget

Know from the Read More

By |August 15th, 2019|Small Business Tips|

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Selling a Small Business

Small business owners selling their businesses make mistakes all the time. They end up making thousands less from their business for this reason. Fortunately, the kind of mistakes often made are ones that are easily avoided. If you always dreamed of building a business and then
selling it to retire, you need to know how to Read More

By |July 15th, 2019|Small Business Tips|

Four Tips to Survive Your First Year in Business

The business world can be quite cut throat; swallowing up corporations and spitting them out with some regularity. A new business can find it difficult not just to make a mark, but to survive as well. If you are a startup, here are four tips that will help you survive that crucial first year.

Dig in Read More

By |June 15th, 2019|Small Business Tips|

How to Get Your Small Business Expenses under Control

Building a thriving business is a two-part equation – your sales need to grow while your expenses stay low. Sales growth stirs an entrepreneur’s imagination with creative solutions and attractive charts, but while you’re distracted with the revenue end of the equation, your expenses can easily spin out of control. If your expenses are eating up Read More

By |May 15th, 2019|Small Business Tips|

How to Adopt the Right Mindset to Get out of Debt

The mental stress that can accompany dealing with a huge amount of debt to pay off can seem never ending. Whether it’s trying to keep up with medical bills, childcare expenses, or unexpected home repairs, dealing with the stress that it can cause is enough to wear anyone down. The following details a few ways Read More

By |April 17th, 2019|Small Business Tips|

Make Sure That These 6 Bad Financial Habits Don’t Weigh Down Your Small Business

Good financial habits are vital to success in business. The way you make money and spend it can either take your business forward, or weight it down. Here are six poor financial habits that business owners often struggle with, and tips on how to break them.

Buying things that you haven’t budgeted for

Cash flow is of Read More

By |March 15th, 2019|Small Business Tips|

10 Reasons to File Your Taxes Early

Tax filing season is almost here, but chances are you are not looking forward to this tedious and time-consuming task. Many taxpayers put off filing until the last minute. But if you have been procrastinating, it may be time to change your ways. There are some great reasons to put this annual task behind you, Read More

By |February 15th, 2019|Tax Tips|

Credit Where It’s Due: Which Debts Should You Pay First?

When you’re struggling under the weight of debt problems, it’s all too easy to lose perspective. But panicking about your situation isn’t going to help, no matter how understandable that may be.

To stand a chance of overcoming your problems, you need to take a calm approach and decide which of your debts are the most Read More

By |January 15th, 2019|Small Business Tips|

11 Ways to Help Your Business Survive the Next Recession

During the first two years of the last major downturn in the world economy, many businesses in the United States and Canada failed. Downturns or recessions are not one-time events. With the stock market hitting record highs, and a booming economy, it doesn’t take an expert to see where we are in the economic cycle.  Read More

By |December 15th, 2018|Small Business Tips|