Small Businesses: Part Time CFO’s Can Help You Make Smarter Financial Decisions

No big business can afford to be without a qualified chief financial officer or CFO. This role is one of the most important in the company.  The expertise, advice, and guidance that these individuals provide are vital to the success of the business.

Big businesses can afford to hire full-time financial experts.  Owners of smaller firms Read More

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Is It Time to Break Up with Your Bank?

5 Warning Signs of a Bad Financial Relationship

You rely on your bank to protect your money and keep it safe. You use your accounts to pay your bills and accept your direct deposits.  Yet, the relationship with the bank needs to be much more. 

Here are five signs that it’s time to break up with your Read More

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How to Get the Best Deal from Vendors

Whenever you buy anything for a business, the first quote put on the table is likely not the best that the vendor could offer. Not everyone is comfortable trying to hammer out a deal with a vendor. But negotiating with suppliers need not be a stressful, combative exchange. Indeed, most salespeople expect a certain degree Read More

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9 Tips for New Business Owners

Running a business isn’t easy. What’s more, being the best lawyer, roofer, or web designer doesn’t guarantee that you will make a great entrepreneur. Fortunately, though, the skills you need to run a business can be learned.  Here are nine tips to guide first-time business owners toward a successful business venture.

Plan Everything

If you have done Read More

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The Pros and Cons of Buying an Existing Business

You have two options when you go into business. You can start a new business from scratch or purchase an existing business. Buying a business might seem like a good option because you skip the painful start-up period. However, this approach has disadvantages that it would be wise to consider. Here are the pros and Read More

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Creating a Successful Employee Benefits Package to Attract and Retain Talent

An employee benefits package can be a big deciding factor for individuals when they are looking for the next opportunity. If you are an employer, it’s important to know what benefits will matter most to your employees.

What Are Employee Benefits?

Employee benefits are the compensation provisions that employers provide in addition to basic pay. These can Read More

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Your New Year Business Plan

The best way to keep any business on track is an annual business plan. This allows you to set goals for the next twelve months and determine the general direction of your company. The annual business plan includes the steps required to achieve these goals.

Each of your annual targets will probably have consequences for the Read More

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Reduce Your Carbon Footprint – Go Green at Your Office

Saving the environment has become more prevalent, with people wanting to make a difference both at home and at work. When you, as a company, take action, you are helping the environment and helping your employees make an impact. Here are some tips on how to become more eco-friendly.

1. Reduce paper usage

Do you really need Read More

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8 Ways To Downsize Your Business To Save Money

Running a business can quickly become expensive. When your business is flying high, these expenses won’t seem like a big deal. However, when things slow down, you might want to downsize your business to cut costs.  Here are eight ways to downsize your business to save money.

1. Downsize Your Work Premises

If you’re looking to cut Read More

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Building a More Resilient Supply Chain: The Benefits of “Just in Case” Supply Chain Management

For many years, the word inventory has been a dirty word in the world of business. Factories expect their parts to show up at the docks and head directly to the assembly line. Management teams at retail stores want fashion that arrives ready to display and sell. The idea of devoting space to unsold and Read More

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