What You Need to Know About Startup Financing

Any new business needs funds to get it off the ground. For most startups, that means using a business loan provider. As with any financial service, there are many things to consider when deciding which loan provider is best for funding your new business.

How Much Money Do You Need to Start?

Just as there’s no set Read More

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The Small Business COVID Shift to a Flexible Office Space

Are you an entrepreneur or freelancer preparing for a new way of doing business? As lockdown conditions ease and economic activities resume, practices to prevent the spread of COVID-19 will continue. A safe workspace where employees can focus on responding to market changes is thus vital. Opting for a flexible workspace is a way to Read More

By |July 15th, 2020|Small Business Tips|

How to Prepare Your Small Business for a Post-Coronavirus Recession

Many people are hoping for an economic bounce-back once the coronavirus threat has receded. However, it is more likely that the world will enter a period of recession. With many people out of work and the world’s supply chains disrupted, consumer demand will be low, and getting products to market will be challenging. Some economists Read More

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Eight Tips to Help You Negotiate Better Deals with Your Suppliers

From your office supplies to your raw materials, the price you pay for the goods and services you use impacts the net profit of your business. All business-to-business suppliers have some leeway to give you a deal, but you must negotiate with your suppliers if you want to get the best terms. Here are ten Read More

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How the COVID-19 Pandemic Is Helping Businesses Redefine Employment

The coronavirus pandemic has brought a great deal of upheaval to the work place. For many employees, their regular job now entails the use of remote work environments and the use of new skill sets they have never used before.

In the past, well-defined jobs and job locations were central to the way people thought of Read More

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Financial Help for Small Business Owners & Individuals Due to COVID-19

The current COVID-19 environment is challenging for everyone. In addition to health implications, there is also concern about financial effects on the economy and many small business owners and their employees are enduring financial difficulties due to shutdowns. While government agencies are committed to helping individuals and businesses deal with the Coronavirus, the pace of Read More

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5 Smart Ways Entrepreneurs Can Prepare for Recessions

Recessions or economic downturns are just like death and taxes – they’re inevitable. They may not happen soon, but they will happen eventually. Smart entrepreneurs won’t just be aware of this – they’ll prepare for it. Here are 5 ways they should do so:

1. They Must Treat Their Networks with the Same Value They Hold Read More

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Four Hidden Costs of Starting a Small Business

If you are thinking about starting your own small business in the not too distant future, you have probably already begun to budget for the large and obvious expenses, such as equipment and rent. However, there are also a lot of hidden costs associated with starting a new company. If you aren’t careful, these expenses Read More

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How to Create a Financial Contingency Plan for your Business

a financial contingency plan allows a business to react quickly and more
effectively in times of economic uncertainty. In young businesses, it can often
mean the difference between the success or failure of the entire enterprise so
it’s an important consideration for an organisation looking to promote
longevity and sustainability of profits. Financial uncertainty can stem from
many different sources Read More

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5 Common Small Business Mistakes to Avoid When Starting Out

Starting your very first
business is never easy, as there is a steep learning curve. While learning from
your mistakes is part of the process, trial and error isn’t the only way to
glean useful knowledge and experience. Observing other people’s mistakes and
failures can also save you a lot of trouble in the long run. So, watch out Read More

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