The holiday season is both a blessing and a curse for entrepreneurs around the world.  Don’t let the complications that surround this holiday season distract you from the impact you can create in this month. Here are three things you and every entrepreneur should do:

1.    Give Thanks 

The success of your business isn’t just down to you. It comes down to a lot of people, from the employees who chose to work with you, to the partners who decided to help, to the customers who decided to buy from you.  All of these groups deserve your thanks.

Show everyone, from employees to clients, the gratitude they deserve from you. A simple greeting card or message can create a lot of goodwill.  If you can do more, do it.  It might take a bit of thinking and work, but consider that without these folks, you wouldn’t be where you are. They deserve all the thanks you can give.

2.    Publicly Reward Your Team 

Of the people who’ve helped you get to where you are as an entrepreneur, your team deserves the most recognition. They’re the ones who have no doubt had to adjust how they work and have stood by you during lockdowns.  They have had to put up with an incredibly stressful year.

Make sure everyone at the office knows just how much you value them. Positive reinforcement throughout their tenure helps, but a big show of appreciation over the holiday season can internalize your gratitude and thanks. If you can promote those who are worthy, do so. If you can increase compensation, do so. If you cannot, a little bit of recognition can leave a similar impression.

A virtual holiday party or a gift on their doorstep celebrating the year’s accomplishment and progress can also serve a similar purpose. It’s a fun way you can express your gratitude as an entrepreneur for all the hard work they’ve done.

3.    Sit Back and Think of the Year in Review 

One of the most important things an entrepreneur needs to do at the end of the year is to sit down and reflect. While contemplation is recommended at many points of the entrepreneurial journey, the holiday season often brings the right kind of atmosphere to do this. It serves as a milestone – your startup has survived this far, and now you can take a moment to think about how it has gotten to this point.

Think about what you’ve done right, and where you’ve faltered. Think about how you can change things for the better for your business. Think about the future, and where you want to be next year.

This practice is critical not just for assessing yourself, but for maintaining perspective. Be honest with yourself, and you’ll find out how you can improve.

The holidays can be stressful for entrepreneurs, but you can’t let that blind you to the good that’s come to you. Show your gratitude. You may not know what the future will bring, but you do know what has happened so far.  It is only right to reflect and show gratefulness to those who deserve it.