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Calgary Accounting in 4 Easy Steps

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Step 3
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We pick up your records

We pick up your records

We process the records

We process the records

We meet and review your financials

We meet and review
your financials

Calgary accountants correct, plan and help

We correct, plan, and

Tax Returns in 4 Easy Steps


Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4

We gather your tax information

We gather your tax information
Complete our tax questionnaire

We prepare your return

We prepare your return

We call to review and finalize

We call to review and finalize

We file your return & you’re done

We file your return & you’re done


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Frequently asked questions

The first step is to contact our office via the contact form below or by phone. Our accountants in Calgary can then conveniently review your needs over the phone to help you to determine the next best step.
Most companies will choose the right solution based on the following criteria

  • How much accounting is required every month?
  • How frequently do you require reporting on your financial performance?
  • What is your budget for accounting support?

We will help you to determine the right mix of services for your needs in our first complimentary review.

Our experienced Calgary-based accountants don’t just balance your books. Along with AFFORDABLE monthly accounting, we offer sound business and tax advice at NO EXTRA COST. You don’t even have to come to us or tie up space in your office for our accountants.  We pick up and deliver at NO CHARGE and keep your valuable financial information SAFE, BACKED UP and OFF-SITE in case of fire, theft or flooding.
At Padgett Business Services, we process many tax returns every year. With our personal tax clients, we routinely do a tax questionnaire that will capture all of the information that will be necessary to create an accurate tax return. For the corporate tax returns, we will review the financial statements with the client before proceeding to the tax preparation stage. Our accountants in Calgary are always on the lookout for another deduction or missing expense that we can claim to reduce the tax burden.

If you still forget something, we will help you to determine how and when it needs reporting.  This service is offered at NO CHARGE to our monthly and quarterly clients.

Clients will usually provide us with their records to allow us to process their accounting.  When completed, the original records are returned to the clients for safekeeping.

Padgett also keeps a copy of journal entries, financial reports and tax returns for our monthly and quarterly clients.

A monthly or quarterly client will receive the following items every time we have completed our work:

      • Notice to Reader
      • Balance Sheet
      • Income Statement
      • General Ledger Listing
      • Disbursements Register

Tax clients receive a print out of their personal or corporate tax return.  They will also receive a confirmation of filing from the CRA.

Are you starting a new small business in Canada or already operating one as a Sole Proprietor or Partnership? Then the link below will provide you with many of the answers you are seeking from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

If you are looking to incorporate in Canada or if you are already a corporation, then the link below will provide you with many of the answers you are seeking about corporations from the CRA

Why Choose Padgett?

Since 1965, Padgett Business Services has been providing bookkeeping and tax preparation solutions to small business owners.  Padgett’s clients tend to be engaged entrepreneurs that are busy manufacturing the next great widget or finding solutions to mind numbing problems. So, they don’t have a lot of time to put into gathering the numbers together for the tax man or the bank.  That’s where Padgett Business Services steps in to provide these services to our clients at an affordable fixed monthly rate.

Our experienced Calgary-based accountants don’t just balance your books.  Along with AFFORDABLE monthly accounting, we offer sound business and tax advice at NO EXTRA COST.


Fast and Easy

For monthly and quarterly clients, we pick up the records, process the work and review the end result with the client.  The client simply has to put their accounting information into our large envelopes and leave them in the pick-up area.

Affordable Fixed Fees

Padgett will provide you with a price using our pricing worksheet.  Once the price is agreed to, that is the price that you will be charged.  So you know up front what your cost will be. 

FREE Pick Up, Delivery

You don’t have to spend valuable time coming to us or tying up space in your office for our accountants.  We pick up and deliver at NO CHARGE.

Filing Safety

Padgett is an CRA authorized e-file submitter.  We send all of our tax returns to the CRA via the internet using the CRA approved submission system.

A Team Of Specialists

You aren’t just getting one accountant to help you.  Padgett Business Services Calgary Southeast and Okotoks is one of 100 within Canada.  This gives us a huge number of professional accountants that we can rely on for experienced business knowledge. 

Kind and Thoughtful

Padgett has dealt with many people that have been behind in both their corporate and personal tax filings.  They are experienced in catching people up and dealing with the CRA when things get rough.

Our Testimonials

I feel like I’ m in Good Hands with Padgett Business Services, compared to my previous 3.5 years of business where I had bounced between 3-4 other bookkeeping/accounting services who really didn’t seem to know what they were doing, and I didn’t feel they were giving a Self-Employed IT Contractor the proper advice.

Michael Duffy, Nerds On Site Calgary
The whole process was so smooth working with you and I appreciated your accessibility to outside resources.  I will certainly ask for guidance, where needed, and hope to be able to work with you for next year.

Brody Loster
A quick note to show my appreciation – thank you so much for taking extra time out of your day to review the daunting adjusting entries!

Your input and patience are priceless!

Theresa, Alpine Arborists Ltd.
Nelson & I wanted to let you know how much we appreciate all the help you have provided us in the last six months. Your expertise in the tax and bookkeeping fields have made a tremendous difference in our business and personal lives.

We look forward to continuing our relationship with you through the growth of our company and we feel confident in recommending Padgett Business Services to our family, friends and business acquaintances.

Nelson & Monique Lussier, Details Cleaning Ltd

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